Japanese Porn: The Bizarre Reason why Genitals are Pixelated

Japanese porn often ventures into terrain that the porn industry in many countries would never dare to go. Japanese porn offers several unique fetishes, mixing up certain genres such as extreme role play and BDSM, as well as giving the world some very weird categories such as tentacle hentai. However, the porn movies produced by the AV industry in Japan have the genitals of both male and female porn actors hidden by pixels.

In Japanese porn, genitalia can only be watched in 8-bit. You may argue that the main purpose of pornography is the ability to see an actor’s genitals and that blurring them out defeats this purpose; however, there are certain reasons why the Japanese adult industry takes this censorship approach. Below are a few of the funny reasons:

Porn and the Japanese Legal System

In the Japanese Penal Code, Article 175 states that it is not legal to share “indecent materials.” This may sound very familiar to your country’s rules, but artists in the Japanese adult industry have discovered how to circumvent the strict rule; they decided to blur out genitalia by pixelating them.

To an outsider, it may sound somewhat amusing, but well-placed digital mosaics have become a major deal in Japanese porn videos over the past few years.

Porn in Japanese Culture

It is often true that the morality of a nation is reflected by its laws, but it is equally true that morality itself could be subject to change. Japan was more progressive and open-minded in its attitude towards sex, but everything began to change after World War II when Western influence touched the nation, resulting in today’s strict policy of pixilated porn.

Before then, Japan had remained isolated from most of the world until the Westerners’ arrival on the island nation. Soon enough, Western morality began to creep up into the elite society in Japan, and the government started to place a ban on traditional practices that Japanese people found perfectly normal but seemed strange or uncultured to foreigners. This was done to prove that Japan was a civilized nation, just like the Westerners.

Today, the Japanese nudity censorship law is even stranger as it doesn’t demand pixelating breasts in Japanese porn.