Why Adult Videos Are a Big Industry in Japan

As you may already know, Japan is really popular for having a prevalent adult entertainment culture with unique characteristics that set them apart from the mainstream porn industry. This is ironic, given its seemingly conservative culture. When you step into Japan, it’s not unusual to come across sex stores that feature highly explicit porn, especially animated porn, anywhere you go.

In addition to adult videos and magazines, the adult entertainment industry offers a wide range of erotic products like porn manga, games, and graphic novels. It even delves into bizarre fetishes like sex robots and used-panties vending machines.

Traditionally, Japan has always been more sexually open, conservatism aside. This is evident in the erotic woodblock prints or “Shunga,” a traditional Japanese erotic art, which was created before the 20th century. They depicted all sorts of erotic and perhaps perverse scenarios ranging from wholesome lover scenarios to an octopus giving head to a woman.

Unfortunately, between 1722 and1790, these were indirectly banned and strictly regulated, leading to a decline in their popularity and appreciation. This was further exacerbated by the introduction of western culture and technologies. Because Shunga could not compete with the new western ideals and modes of production, it died out.

After World War II, there was a boom in erotic magazines and films, and the scope of the pornographic industry has changed ever since.

It has been estimated that 14 porn films are made in Japan every day. That’s like 5000 videos in total a year! Despite their conservative and modest culture, Japan ranks second globally in money its citizens spend on adult entertainment. This means that the consumers are actually more willing to spend their cash on adult videos despite the availability of free porn sites. How did this happen? Well, to the casual observer, it could be argued that the Japanese are sexually repressed due to their uptight culture and values. They express their desires in more overt ways.

Another reason that there is more demand for porn in Japan is that Japanese AV (Adult Video) filmmakers often focus more on amateur sub-genres and the animators and artists portray a wider variety of fetishes and kinks. Anyone can find pretty much anything they seek. The Japanese hardly consume porn made from other countries, as the most popular searches are Japanese, hentai and Asian. This is pretty interesting if you ask me.

Despite the popularity of porn in Japan, many young Japanese aren’t having sex, and nearly half of them are virgins. It’s been argued that porn is the culprit behind this, but it’s not that simple. The work hours in Japan are tedious. Hence, many people don’t have the mental or physical strength to actually engage with other people. Instead, they turn to porn and other readily available sex services.

The combination of these factors has led to a flourishing multibillion-sex industry with every kind of product and service imaginable, like sex shops, love hotels, fetish shops, massage parlors, and of course the classic porn videos. Japan is known for its many important exports to the world and porn is one of her biggest. The eccentricities of Japanese porn have made it popular not only in Japan, but globally as well.